Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Big Changes

So…big changes around here. We have found out our next assignment – Sakhalin Island in Russia. It is just north of Japan. In so many ways, this will be a big change. For the kids, this is the only place they have known as home. No more French, but we need to start learning Russian. And the weather. Not to mention the other things, like that we won’t have Lea anymore, we are leaving our friends here, and we will again be packing our stuff up and waiting for our container to arrive in the new location.

All in all – really big changes.

As for the blog – in theory I am going to blog about moving to Sakhalin as well. So you can all see the changes with us. 

For now, we are going through our things, seeing what we are going to sell and what we are going to take with us. It is weird too, to think that we have gone through our last elephant season – and we might not even see any more before we leave. There are so many things coming up that will be our last in Gabon. We’re trying to prepare the kids as much as we can without overwhelming them. It’s going to be a challenge!

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